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Monte Vista Landscape is a complete landscape construction, design and commercial landscape maintenance company. The company was established in 1985, but it actually goes back further another generation through the retired father and a company that had another name. Monte Vista Landscape improves the quality of life through better outdoor living and creating aesthetically beauty.


Below is a list of our professional landscape services:


Design: Landscape design, architectural drawings, plot plans, HOA approved plans, engineering structural plans, compaction reports, soil test reports, and conceptual designs.


Masonry: Custom BBQ islands, fireplaces, fire pits, block walls, retaining walls, brick masonry, pizza ovens, stone veneer façades, pilasters, mailbox pilasters, pour in place concrete, mortarless blocks and stucco facade.


Paving: Inner locking pavers, concrete, stamped concrete, concrete over lays, flagstone, slate, over sand base paving and wood decking.


Structures: Building wood patio covers, aluminum patio covers, solid roof patio covers, gazebos, pergolas, arbor design, lattice design, wood decking, trex (composite material) decking, wood gates, wood fences, wrought iron gates & fences and patio decks.


Landscaping: Planting, irrigation, drainage, landscape lighting, grading, soil compaction, water features, sod, artificial turf, gas lines and sewer lines.


Pool Remodel: Pool plaster, pool tile, pool coping, pool decking, equipment upgrades, water falls and rockscaping.


Consultation: Landscape consultation on ongoing or finished landscape project by others.


CERTIFICATION: Monte Vista Landscape has a California state contractor license. This license is given to individuals with experience in their respective field, required to pass a 5 hour written examination that deals with their field of expertise and law, a background check is done and finger prints scanned. This is just some of the requirements.


INSURANCES: Monte Vista Landscape is fully insured with liability insurance, workmens’ compensation insurance, commercial auto insurance and bonded.


EXPERIENCE: Monte Vista Landscape has very experienced crews; a lot of the employees have been working for the company for over 15 years, whether it be in construction or landscape maintenance. Some our most experienced employees in construction are experts at every phase of construction. This is quite admirable since landscape construction is such a broad field. We are constantly doingnew projects, either designed by us or presented in blue print by our customers. So the level of expertise gets even more honed. In our landscape division, we are self sufficient. Our crew takes care of the landscape maintenance as well as take care of the irrigation system. We are able to replace irrigation valves and do any repairs on the day service. We do this as oppose to having a separate crew come in at another time to do the work.


EXPERTISE: You may have a project all laid out, with blue prints and backed by your landscape architect. We can look at your project and give you feed back. We have hands on experience in our field, so we know what works or doesn’t work or what may better. We have saved customers thousands or even hundreds of dollars and not to mention headaches on projects that needed some adjusting that would have otherwise not been as good or were quite frankly heading for a disaster.


CONSTRUCTION & DESIGN: If you have a project in mind, and you have an idea how you want it we can help you finalize it. Or you can leave it up to us, and we can provide for you a conceptual drawing. Should you want blue prints for the job, we can provide that for a fee. A lot of the times we can tell you what we can do as specified in our proposal and simply get it done. This can save you from paying services from a landscape architect.


LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE: Landscape maintenance of HOA, shopping centers, commercial buildings, industrial buildings or parks, apartment complexes, car dealerships, malls, government installations and high end residential homes. We provide weekly landscape maintenance service, as well as bi-weekly and in reality we have a whole list of service options. Our service involves mowing, edging, parking lot air blowing, weed control, tree trimming, fertilizing and irrigation work.


QUALITY PRODUCTS: We know where to purchase high quality materials locally and through suppliers all over the United States. What helps make a good landscape company is knowing where to buy high quality products or materials, and at a good price. Knowing where to find them is the key as they can be rare, hard to get a hold of, scarce or not easily available.


PERMITS: We can help you pull city permits if necessary for construction projects. If you belong to an HOA we can help you present all the necessary information required for approval. At times, engineering plans are required for certain projects. We can help you obtain them.


EQUIPMENT: We own, operate and maintain our own equipment. This includes Bobcats, trailers and electrical or gas powered equipment. On occasion we rent equipment that we don’t use often or that takes up too much space in our yard.


SUBCONTRACTING: We don’t subcontract our construction work or our landscape maintenance jobs. On occasion we subcontract large tree trimming projects, other than that we prefer to do everything ourselves.


Monte Vista Landscape is fully insured with general liability insurance, workmen's compensation insurance, commercial auto insurance and bonded.


Check the status of our license under the California Contractor State License Board's (CSLB) website: 



It's first come first serve

We generally take our jobs from start to finish with little or no interruptions!

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